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Why The Stand Water Dispenser Does Not Heat Up? How To Fix?

Stand Water Dispenser to facilitate people's daily drinking water, which uses the relevant heating and cooling device, and then combined with bottled mineral water or pure water, so that people in the daily drinking water, you can choose hot or cold water. Many people have met the Stand Water Dispenser do not heat the situation, in the face of such a phenomenon, we should take what kind of measures?

Stand Water Dispenser do not heat the cause

To know now there are many models of Stand Water Dispenser, the general household type of Stand Water Dispenser do not heat will be caused by two cases.

The first case is because the device built-in heating components have different degrees of damage, resulting in no heating failure.

The second case is due to drinking fountains related thermal switch, may be due to prolonged use of damage, resulting in Stand Water Dispenser do not heat the birth of the phenomenon.

Stand Water Dispenser without heating maintenance

Faced with such a non-heating situation, in fact, maintenance is also very simple and simple.

First of all, the relevant staff with a professional tool will be Stand Water Dispenser shell apart.

Then we will see the inside of the drinking fountains inside the structure of the heated pot wall, there is a black component is the appearance. This black component is the water dispenser comes with the thermal switch.

This time should choose to meet the requirements of the multimeter test, for the bottom of the thermal switch on both ends of the resistance test. If the test instrument shows that the thermal switch has a resistance, then the performance of the heating components is intact. But if there is no resistance display, this time it is recommended to replace the Stand Water Dispenser built-in kettle.

If the result of the instrument test, the thermal switch is shown to be no problem. Then this time the problem may exist on the thermal components above. Now the market of Stand Water Dispenser do not heat, often because of the thermal components after a long period of use, there are different degrees of fault problems.

At this time, we can replace the water dispenser built-in thermal components, thereby improving the Stand Water Dispenser do not heat the situation. Ordinary type of drinking fountains thermal components, you can go to the professional large-scale electronic city to buy. If you can not buy the same type of thermal components, it is recommended that you directly replace the Stand Water Dispenser, and now the price of drinking fountains cheaper.

Although the maintenance seems very simple, but still recommended to the professional maintenance store for repair. This will ensure the safety of the equipment and the safety of the relevant users.

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