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What Are The Hygiene Worries Of Bottled Water Dispenser?

Bottled water dispenser water is convenient, fast heating, in line with people's requirements and consumption concept, into the market, they quickly by the many consumers of all ages. In many units and public places can see the water dispenser for the public service "figure", but the bottled water dispenser health worries are many:


Drinking water into the Water Dispenser, in the heating process, some calcium, magnesium salts by thermal decomposition, from water-soluble substances into water-insoluble substances, attached to the heated gallium metal surface, into scale. Scale thermal conductivity is generally poor, which will make the water dispenser heat exchange efficiency is reduced, a waste of energy. Often drinking water containing scale debris can lead to increased incidence of kidney stones and urethral calculi.

2. Bacteria

When using water dispenser water, the bucket of water in the role of gravity into the water dispenser, then the upper part of the barrel will form a low pressure air area, the external air under the action of atmospheric pressure into the bucket, and air Of dust, impurities and bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms will also enter with the air. Change the water, the water dispenser exposed to the outside, the air of dust, microorganisms can also take the opportunity to enter the water dispenser internal. After the micro-organisms will continue to reproduce in the Water Dispenser, so that the internal water dispenser was pale yellow, sticky slip feeling. Breeding microbes are drunk and can cause the body's digestive system and urinary system diseases.

The preferred product of campus drinking water - Our intelligent aseptic water dispenser

Two major advantages:

The use of automatic water disinfection pipeline faucet, sterilization rate of 100%, completely solve the problem of drinking water microbial exceeded.

Overnight water can be automatically discharged, intelligent control disinfection, do not add disinfectant powder, to ensure fresh water.

Abandon four worries:

Intelligent all-purpose high temperature sterilization, do not worry about bacteria exceeded.

Overnight water automatic discharge, do not worry about water is not fresh.

Disinfection process without chemical agents, do not worry about chemical hazards.

Disinfection process automation, do not worry about disinfection of labor costs.

Contact Us
Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hangzhou Bay New Zone ,Bin Hai 5 Road No 88 ,Ningbo City, Zhejiang China

Tel: +86-574-63590985


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