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Water Dispenser Need To Develop National Standards

Water Dispenser, drinking water treatment devices, household drinking water treatment devices, household and similar drinking water treatment devices, these concepts or statements are more complex than one. August 28 for the views of the "household and similar use of drinking water treatment device" national standard name, people at first glance a bit dizzy.

The standard name is as simple as possible, in the scientific and accurate premise, the standard name can use a word will not use two words. If the drinking water treatment device is a Water Dispenser, then the water plant becomes a Water Dispenser; if the standard name is only a domestic drinking water treatment device, then in the office, public places to provide drinking water for domestic drinking water equipment have to develop a Content is exactly the same national standards? After all, this is a national standard, so to add "similar use", but also to use "and" and "home" convergence. After this bite, the water dispenser as a drinking water treatment device, household drinking water treatment devices, household and similar use of drinking water treatment device short, it will not be ambiguous.

China has a vast territory, different areas of different water quality. The water quality of the northern part of the hard, many consumers to buy soft water; water pollution in areas of consumers to buy more water purifier; some consumers want water clean on the line, then buy water machine; some consumers require increased water benefits Ingredients, the market has a mineral water machine. The standard is the rules of consensus, the rules should be meticulous, it is necessary to comply with the rules; rules can not "too dead", to give new application of the leeway. In addition to water softener, water purifier, water machine, mineral water machine, the standard classification of Water Dispenser will be "other water purifier" as a class, including in addition to the above categories of drinking water treatment device. Some products such as disinfection of water purifier, and the function of the water purifier is basically the same, and disinfection seems to be a selling point, the standard can not join in the fun. This has a clear selling point of the Water Dispenser are now more and more standards are not alone as a class.

10 years ago, consumers in the purchase of television, refrigerators and other large appliances, there are stores presented Water Dispenser, regardless of the enterprise's new product promotion or store promotion, at least when the water dispenser has begun to spread. Today, the family, office, public places Water Dispenser are everywhere. In sharp contrast, the material for soliciting opinions reveals that there is no national standard for a dispenser at present, which makes the consumer feel surprised. Although the Water Dispenser are not the industry standard, more corporate standards, although these industry standards and corporate standards in the consumer's most concerned about the health indicators cited more national standards of drinking water, but only from the complex classification of Water Dispenser, no one country The standard is really a shortcoming. But also from the relationship between the health and safety of consumers, industry mature and has a certain scale, is the need to develop national standards.

Technical requirements are the core of the standard. The technical requirements for the draft include normal conditions of use, appearance requirements, structural requirements, health and safety, electrical safety, general use performance requirements, and special performance requirements. Although a lot of ordinary consumers are not clear, but consumers are worried about watching. Such as the structural requirements of the hydrostatic pressure, rupture pressure and circulation pressure, requiring no leakage or rupture during the test, in which the whole water pressure test to meet the maximum working pressure of 2 times the experimental conditions. Perhaps consumers may not understand why the "maximum working pressure 2 times" rather than 3 times or 4 times, but the experimental conditions than the normal use of conditions to be harsh, consumers can more confidence to use the water dispenser.

The development of national standards include strict procedures, including comments, if there is no subversive views, the next step is to approve the release. Water Dispenser are concerned about the hot spots for many years, the water flow out of the soft water is not soft, water flow out of the water is not net, pure water outflow of water impure, mineral water flow out of the water in the end how much healthy mine Material is not clear Road, unknown, and even soft water, water, pure water, dirty media, has affected the consumer confidence. We sincerely hope that this national standard will be approved by the consultation process and approved as soon as possible.

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