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Water Dispenser Energy Saving Can Not Be Ignored

Data show that Water Dispenser are large energy consumption, 1 barrel of water after heating, let it in the insulation - heating - insulation of this continuous working state 24 hours, the power of 600 watts of hot and cold dual-use water dispenser power consumption 1.5 ~ 1.7 degrees; single cold or single hot water dispenser power consumption is about 0.75 degrees. Accordingly, the general 600-watt Water Dispenser than the refrigerator is also a large power consumption. Light calculation The current Chinese family has a water dispenser, about 100 million units, the annual power consumption of about 100 million kWh.

In the mall, refrigerators, washing machines, television are mostly energy-saving logo, but as one of the larger power consumption of Water Dispenser, the energy problem in the industry few people noticed. Water Dispenser are small appliances, usually placed in the family living room or corridor corridor corner, so its power consumption is easy to be ignored.

"The energy-saving problem of Water Dispenser has aroused the government's attention." "Schools, institutions used in the traditional electric water dispenser will generally boil water, such a 'hot water' or 'yin and yang water' not only produce nitrite and other carcinogenic substances On the human health, and a drinking fountain power of 6000 to 1.5 million watts, a day will be a large box of boiling water at least 78 times, wasting most of the energy. "Relevant person said

Our company is the inventor of energy-saving Water Dispenser, energy-saving Water Dispenser use convection heat exchange principle, when the boiling water flows through the heat exchanger, the water and cold water for heat exchange, boiling water to release heat, cold water to absorb water heat, so that cold water Before entering the water bladder preheated to 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, and boiling water into a warm water flow through the faucet. At this point to have absorbed the heat of cold water boil it only need to heat it 20 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ can, while saving energy and boiling time, can save 80%, to achieve energy saving purposes, completely changed Traditional Water Dispenser cost, power consumption shortcomings.

Energy-saving water dispenser water after three filters, the faucet out of the water is boiled water and warm water, water quality in line with the Ministry of Health direct drinking water standards, so energy-saving drinking water machine energy saving, health and safety characteristics. Energy-saving Water Dispenser can be widely used in schools, factories, government agencies, hospitals, airports, stations and other densely populated places to address the concentration of these places concentrated drinking water.

It is reported that early this year, the National Energy Foundation and Management Standardization Technical Committee held in Beijing, the national standard "water dispenser energy efficiency rating and energy efficiency rating" to develop the General Assembly, Water Dispenser energy efficiency standards were formally put on the agenda, standard development work Planned to be completed in 2011.

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