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Water Dispenser Cleaning Errors

We all know that Water Dispenser do not clean for a long time, the internal breeding of a large number of bacteria, not only will cause secondary pollution of water quality, more importantly, affect our health. And the current water dispenser cleaning and disinfection is already a very common thing, but in the cleaning and disinfection is still a lot of errors are the majority of consumers do not know, and today we Bureau for everyone to sum up the water dispenser in the cleaning often made some error.

1, as long as the water dispenser to normal heating, cooling, there is no problem with water.

Experts suggest that these can indicate that the use of Water Dispenser is no problem, because the Water Dispenser are related to our daily Water Dispenser and good health, so we have to regularly clean the machine and disinfection.

2, found in the water smell or foreign matter when cleaning.

Expert advice: When the water has a clear smell or foreign body, the Water Dispenser stored bacteria have been seriously exceeded, and has caused a serious threat to our health. Under normal circumstances, Water Dispenser in the use of 2 to 3 months must be cleaned, disinfected, if in the summer, it should be cleaned every month.

3, only need to often use detergent Sassafras to wash the appearance even if it is clean.

Expert advice: In fact, simply use detergent or other detergent to Sassafras Water Dispenser, but for the appearance of the Water Dispenser were cleaned, but the water dispenser really need to clean the core parts of the hot pot, smart base, Connections, etc., where these places are the most likely to breed, precipitate impurities and bacteria.

4, with high temperature or boiling water for hot or soaked, rinse can be achieved to kill bacteria, the purpose of the virus.

Expert advice: Obviously, this view is wrong. Soaked with boiling water, rinse only used to kill individual bacteria, and DU Yu some of the other scale, sediment, microorganisms can not achieve the role of killing, we must use disinfectant, detergents such products to fully soak , So as to be able to completely and completely sterilization. If conditions permit, we can also use ozone sterilization.

5, as long as the use of disinfectant, cleaning agent can soothe yourself some peace of mind.

Expert advice: Because this method is the use of traditional chemical agents to achieve the effect of cleaning, disinfection, and if not thoroughly washed, these chemical residues will cause some harm to our body. We can not use the general disinfectant, detergents, must use a dedicated water dispenser, so as to completely reduce the impact of drugs on our health.

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