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The Necessity And Urgency Of Filtering The Water Dispenser

Water is the most important component of the human body, but also one of the six essential nutrients the human body, the human cells, metabolism, nutrient transport, waste excretion and so has an important role. The safety of water is closely related to everyone's health.

Many people on the filter water dispenser this product is both fresh and unfamiliar, and some people do not understand, some people think that the filter water is dispensable, and some people are completely resist the filter water dispenser this product, but in small It seems that the penetration rate of the filter Water Dispenser will gradually increase with the emphasis on the environment and health.

Xiaobian today from four aspects to explain why the use of water dispenser to filter the necessity and urgency, if you recognize Xiaobian argument, please forward to your friends and family, so that they start today, but also attach importance to Water Dispenser health!

1, the water source has been polluted:

This is not to believe that Xiaobian said you know: most of China's surface water and groundwater and lake water has been the industrial and agricultural development of pollution, some unscrupulous enterprises will be industrial production of sewage without treatment directly discharged into the river , Causing some river pollution, water quality has been destroyed. Some enterprises even industrial waste discharged directly to the ground, causing the area of groundwater sources are seriously polluted, people drink heavy metal pollution in the underground well water, causing a variety of diseases and cancer, to the public health zone Has a great impact.

2, the secondary pollution of the water pipe network:

People use the water Although the water plant in accordance with the relevant provisions of the treatment, the tap water has reached a clean standard, the factory water in line with relevant state regulations. But from the water plant to the user's home need to go through a long pipe transport distance, especially in some old residential and residential areas, the use of age or galvanized pipe and cement pipeline to transport tap water, long-term use After the aging of the pipeline, the resulting sediment, rust and other substances mixed into the tap water, and ultimately the people without treatment to use, affecting the life of a variety of water equipment, such as faucet, shower is blocked by water, water heaters and Boilers have dirt and so on.

3, bottled water unsafe:

Some people will say that in the use of bottled water to drink water, in fact, there are secondary pollution of bottled water, especially in the case of bottled water can not guarantee the case, part of the bottled water production or even use tap water to fill, Water quality is simply no guarantee. In the use of bottled water after opening, if not exhausted in time, the air of dust and bacteria will pollute with water quality, resulting in deterioration of water quality, and some of the inner wall is also long moss. And bottled water supporting the use of long-term drinking water dispenser without cleaning, then the heating tank contamination, drinking water quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

4, even if the boiled water is not safe:

Xiao Bian said in front of. The secondary pollution of the water pipe is delivered to the user's home, and the boiled tap water is only a bactericidal effect. Residual particles in the water, rust, sediment and other substances can not be removed. Long-term drinking secondary pollution of the tap water, physical and mental are not how healthy, so drink clean water is imminent.

Xiaobian to introduce you to filter the benefits of Water Dispenser it, morning Yi filter water dispenser built-in five filters, can filter the water to remove calcium and magnesium ions, reduce the hardness of water, but also remove the water benzene, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses , Residual chlorine and other harmful substances, improve water quality, benefit from human health.

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