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The Advantages Of Plastic Water Dispenser

I independent research and development by manufacturers, production, production of plastic Water Dispenser since the market since the listing of the vast number of consumers trust. Why is it so proud of the results? In fact, very simple, all plastic Siamese process is the entire body, in addition to the top cover, rear plate, the base of the body outside the mold processing, so that the entire drinking fuselage as a whole The And the use of materials used in all high-quality PP material, more importantly, it is compared with ordinary Water Dispenser, more of the following advantages.

1, the whole plastic Siamese Water Dispenser body hardness is relatively high, the toughness of the whole machine is better, so the general water dispenser compared to the Water Dispenser water dispenser body strength, toughness is good, so its life It is relatively long, the fuselage shell all use PP plastic, the fuselage is never rusty, which is the biggest advantage of the whole plastic Siamese.

2, take the same configuration of the water dispenser, the shell with plastic Water Dispenser more cost savings, and other functions are no less than the traditional iron plate Water Dispenser.

3, all plastic Siamese Water Dispenser good flexibility also makes it in the transport process to avoid a certain degree of damage, the iron is easier to deformation, This also saves the dealer some cost.

4, all plastic Siamese Water Dispenser in the course of the plastic shell will not easily discoloration, Jinwo Water Dispenser adopt a new PP plastic, as long as it is placed in the ventilation, to avoid direct sunlight, it is difficult to change color.

Contact Us
Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

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