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Table Coffee Dispenser To Meet Your Needs

as one of the world's three major beverages, coffee in the rest of the world have a large consumer groups. the aroma of coffee is fragrant and helps to concentrate. in fact, its own hands-on coffee, is the most perfect coffee, table coffee dispenser can help you easily complete the production of coffee, and can produce a variety of tastes, types of coffee to meet your needs.

Use of Table Coffee Dispenser

1, select the coffee powder. In fact, coffee beans are OK, it is necessary to wear their own grinding. A wide variety of coffee, the use of Table Coffee Dispenser, you can calmly choose their favorite tastes, making their favorite coffee.

2, the use of filter paper. Filter paper, there are bamboo to do, there are ordinary. The filter paper into a funnel-shaped, according to personal taste will be a few tablespoons of coffee powder into the filter paper (usually put on the number of coffee packaging will be). The benefits of filter paper is great, not only can filter slag, but also increase the flow of coffee over the time, so that coffee becomes fragrant, but also easy to clean.

3, access to cold water. Replace the cold water with the coffee pot. The water in the coffee pot into the back of the coffee machine behind the water tanker, the scale of the water tanker and the coffee pot should be the same scale.

4, began to produce. Cover the top cover, place the Table Coffee Dispenser upright in a smooth position, open the switch. After that, it began to wait for coffee.

5, production is completed. Coffee is coming soon, the Table Coffee Dispenser will automatically stop burning water, and to coffee insulation, so even if you forget it does not matter, and then according to personal taste plus coffee companion, put sugar. You can have a cup of rich aroma of coffee.

Maintenance of Table Coffee Dispenser

1, read the instructions. After the Table Coffee Dispenser is bought, please read the instructions carefully and understand the procedure and precautions.

2, before use clean. As the new machine has a plastic material taste, the human body hurt, so the first use of electric coffee pot, you should first cook two pots of water to remove the bad taste. Leakage and filter clean, soak in water for some time, then rinse with water, anti-positive back and forth washing, do not use hard objects scrape, so as not to cause damage, affecting the use.

3, after use dry place. After the use of Table Coffee Dispenser or after cleaning, dry cloth to dry, placed in a child is not easy to meet the place, not upside down, can not be used heavy press.

With the spread of coffee culture, drinking coffee has become a fashion trend, the streets can be seen everywhere a variety of coffee shops, selling a variety of coffee. However, compared to the use of Table Coffee Dispenser to make coffee, not only in the price more cheap to save money, and can enjoy the fun of making coffee. Drink a cup of their own well-prepared coffee, it is not a flavor.

Contact Us
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