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Summary Of Energy - Saving Principle Of Water - Saving Water Dispenser And Water Treatment Process

Energy-saving Water Dispenser When drinking warm water, the water in the heat exchanger tube flow cooling, tap water in the heat exchanger outside the flow of heating, so that the natural loss of heat from the heat to be recycled. The general water boiler is the water from the normal temperature began to heat, and energy-saving Water Dispenser tap water into the water before the water, it has been heated from room temperature to about 80 ℃, thus saving a lot of power. In addition to the thickening of the inner layer of the maximum temperature to prevent the loss of heat.

Water treatment process:

Water quality in line with the Ministry of Health, "drinking water quality processor health safety and functional evaluation norms _ general water quality processor" (2001) requirements.

Energy-saving water dispenser filter according to the different water quality, replacement cycle is different. Good water quality, 6 months to replace once, water quality difference of 3 to 4 months to replace the filter. Filter with a wrench down, in accordance with the order put on the filter (PP cotton particles activated carbon activated carbon)

Our production of Water Dispenser inside the installation of a highly efficient heat exchanger, to maximize the recovery of boiling water heat. Energy-saving principle is: drinking warm water through the heat exchanger will be fully hydrothermal energy is absorbed by the wall temperature water, room temperature water into the water gall bladder when heated to have reached 80 ℃. The original water into warm water; so as to achieve 80% energy saving effect.

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Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hangzhou Bay New Zone ,Bin Hai 5 Road No 88 ,Ningbo City, Zhejiang China

Tel: +86-574-63590985


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