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Selection Of Energy - Saving Water Dispenser Guide

Also called energy-saving Water Dispenser, why is there such a big difference? Of course, consumers focus on energy-saving Water Dispenser, or drinking water health. So, how can consumers choose to high-quality energy-saving water dispenser?

1, energy-saving water dispenser is pressure or zero pressure type: the pressure of the Water Dispenser easy to explode, unsafe; zero pressure energy-saving Water Dispenser is not easy to explode, with multiple security protection.

2, energy-saving water dispenser panel is stainless steel 201 or 304: 201 stainless steel is relatively thin, easy to deformation, 304 stainless steel is relatively thick, not easy to deformation, more durable.

3, energy-saving Water Dispenser water tank size: large water tank, can reserve more water, the water is large; the contrary, the small water tank less.

4, check the energy-saving Water Dispenser backplane and the bottom plate is made of aluminum-plastic plate, or stainless steel plate: stainless steel solid and stable; aluminum-plastic plate material brittle, discolored and not strong.

5, the detection of Water Dispenser are thin: good energy-saving Water Dispenser, faucets are more solid sense, not easy to bad, and poor water dispenser faucet is relatively thin, not strong enough.

6, water dispenser out of the water taste is good: high-quality energy-saving drinking water opportunities to configure high-quality filtration system to remove the residual chlorine in water, heavy metals, sediment, rust and other impurities, drink sweet taste, with chlorine test solution can Check out no residual chlorine; and poor water dispenser out of the water will smell the bleach (chlorine) taste.

7, to see whether there is a long-term leakage of water dispenser situation: poor drinking water opportunities in the machine pipe is not completely closed and mixed with the situation of yin and yang, and good quality energy-saving Water Dispenser, sealing effect is better, There will be no leakage of the situation, it will not appear yin and yang water.

 8, open the door of the Water Dispenser, see the pipeline is complex: simple pipeline energy-saving water dispenser maintenance more convenient, complex pipeline dispenser maintenance is too much trouble, non-professionals recommend not to buy.

Contact Us
Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

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