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Purification Difficult To Water Purification Water Purification Market Entry Phase Adjustment Period

It is reported that China's water purifier development after nearly 30 years, during which experienced from the introduction to the imitation of the development of independent brands to the three stages, but the field of technological innovation has little fruit. With independent research and development capabilities and core technology is only about 5%, compared with foreign, this data is far from. Li Hongtong bluntly, if there is no technical protection, not only reach the effect of water purification, but will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Currently on the market most of the filter system needs to be replaced regularly, PP cotton, filter and other filter devices become the core components, in the event of quality problems, human health will be directly affected. At the same time, after-sales service is also a major problem in the water purifier market. "If the aftermarket can not keep up, the consumer home water purifier not only can not guarantee water health, will become a source of pollution." And TV, air conditioning, water purifier in addition to the installation, the latter need to maintain, the filter must be replaced regularly, so service is particularly important. A water purification company official told reporters: "Many brand-name companies only sell products, regardless of service, which also led to the credibility of the water purification industry damage." At present, many manufacturers in the publicity process as a slogan after sale, This also reflects the phenomenon of the current market after-sales shortage. In addition, the next three or four market sinking and the rapid growth rate of penetration, in fact, are inseparable from the sale of the problem.

Contact Us
Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hangzhou Bay New Zone ,Bin Hai 5 Road No 88 ,Ningbo City, Zhejiang China

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