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Energy-saving Water Dispenser Scale Solution

Scale solution

In the water hardness of more than 200 areas, the installation of self-washing ultrafiltration, and cleaning device, can extend the scale of the formation of time, scale can form powder.

Has been formed scale cleaning method:

The use of Water Dispenser does give people the convenience of working and living. However, it should be remembered that if the water dispenser is in a state of heating for a long time, it will sink water, waterways and water outlets. It will affect the effect of water and Water Dispenser heating function. Therefore, the water dispenser must be regularly cleaned in areas where the hardness of water is high, usually 1 to 3 months cleaning 1 times according to the local water hardness situation may be.

First, cleaning materials:

1, you can use a special scale scavenger to clean the water dispenser.

2. The use of edible white vinegar.

Second, the new generation of energy-saving Water Dispenser water gall bladder cleaning method:

1, turn off the power, open the water bladder drain plug the row of water,

2, open the heating tube, open the insulation foam, with a hammer beat the water tank, the heat pipe above the scale of hand removal of easy parts, and then the water tank has been out of the scale removed, rinse the water tank, the small scale rushed, Cover the bottom of the sewage plug.

3, take the scale scavenger 2-4 pack from the heat pipe to join, and then a good heat pipe water bottle into the water soak 2-4 hours after heating to 70-80 ℃ to stop about half an hour, , With water into the water after the water can be washed twice to use.

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