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Coffee Dispenser Function Can Be Divided Into Two Kinds

Semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser and automatic Coffee Dispenser compared to it has the following characteristics:

1, semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser to extract coffee water is constant, no matter how frequent production of concentrated coffee are so.

2, semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser in the process of extracting coffee, its pump pressure is very stable.

3, semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser steam constant pressure and dry, while the operation is also very simple.

The biggest advantage of the automatic Coffee Dispenser and semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser is that the automatic Coffee Dispenser is very convenient to use, the automatic Coffee Dispenser making coffee, whether it is coffee or coffee powder can be used, while the automatic Coffee Dispenser set coffee Grinding, filling powder, powder, filter and other functions as a whole, easy to use. But the price of automatic Coffee Dispenser in the market compared to semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser will be more high.

Semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser to use the process although complicated, but the user can according to their own preferences and needs to choose the number of coffee powder and Coffee Dispenser powder to produce different coffee. Automatic Coffee Dispenser made coffee taste is not as good as the use of semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser after manual filling, pressing coffee. At the same time semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser in the price than the automatic Coffee Dispenser to the more cheaper.

Automatic Coffee Dispenser in the operation without the need for artificial Coffee Dispenser cleaning, it can automatically achieve the cleaning of the Coffee Dispenser residue. The automatic Coffee Dispenser is easy to use and the coffee is produced with high efficiency. The operator does not need to be trained to operate, but the automatic Coffee Dispenser is more costly in maintenance than the semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser. Semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser machine structure is simple, it is also easier to maintain the Coffee Dispenser, semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser using the correct method to produce the coffee quality is more high, taste better, but the semi-automatic Coffee Dispenser operators need to go through strict Of the training to produce high quality coffee.

Contact Us
Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

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