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Choice Of Energy - Saving Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser than a warm drinking fountain more than a cooling operation of the compressor and a cold water storage of water gallbladder. Many customers have asked, your water is not directly to the water cold. The answer is: our cold water is from the hot water gall bladder after 100 degrees Celsius high temperature heating, and then flow to the cold water gallium heating, so the water will not produce bacteria, you can rest assured that drinking. Another model of choice also has some knowledge:

1. Water Dispenser The choice of models mainly from the number of drinking water and cooling rate to consider, because the compressor refrigeration water dispenser than the semiconductor cooling water dispenser cooling speed, and thus at the same time, the compressor refrigeration water supply ice water supply More than the semiconductor refrigeration water dispenser ice water supply.Therefore, for the unit or the number of families should choose the compressor refrigeration water dispenser, and a Ao family, election Yun semiconductor cooling water dispenser on it.

2. Water Dispenser Price comparison of Water Dispenser because of its kind of cut, different functions, the single price is very different? Compressor refrigeration water dispenser electrical components than the cost of semiconductor refrigeration energy-saving water dispenser components much higher, so the pressure The price of the refrigerating dispenser is generally 2-3 times that of the conductor cooling water dispenser, and the price of the vertical type is higher than that of the same type of drinking water machine in the same type and function. Price is an important factor,

3. Water Dispenser Test machine should be considered from the following two aspects.

(1) water test. Check the water dispenser roof, should have a smart seat, indicating that the water system can prevent secondary pollution.

(2) electricity quasi-quake, should be released within the specified time cold water.

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