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Installation of energy - saving Water Dispenser special precautions

Energy-saving water dispenser The use of convection heat exchange principle, when the boiling water flows through the heat exchanger, the water and cold water for heat exchange, boiling water to release heat, cold water to absorb the heat of water, so that the cold water before entering the water bladder preheated to 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, while the water is turned into a warm water flow through the faucet. At this point to have absorbed the heat of cold water to boil it only need to heat it 20 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ can, while saving energy and boiling time, can save 80%, to achieve energy saving purposes, completely changed Traditional water dispenser time consuming, power consumption shortcomings.

1. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the company, designated after-sales service shop or similar department professionals.

2. Purification of energy-saving water dispenser should use a dedicated power line power supply, and provide a contact is not less than 3mm wide distance from the all-pole disconnect device (leakage switch).

3. During the heating process, one-way safety valve dripping water droplets, this is a normal phenomenon.

4. Do not disassemble the energy-saving Water Dispenser internal electrical components, so as not to damage the energy-saving Water Dispenser or cause burns.

5. When opening and closing the faucet, do not aim at the outlet, so as not to burn.

6. When the energy-saving Water Dispenser in the cold winter or easy to freeze the area when the ice plug, please save the water dispenser to the indoor or high temperature, until the ice slowly melt can be used normally. Even if the ice plug after 15 hours of power work, energy-saving Water Dispenser are not dangerous, but no water out for drinking.

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