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Selected drinking fountains on the election of the drinking fountains

Most of the market to single-hot products, accounting for 50% of total market sales. In the appearance of water dispenser, performance, price and other aspects of a wide range of needs, health, energy saving, environmental protection, convenience, fashion has become the main direction of development of drinking fountains. The Chinese people's tea culture and living habits, or like to drink hot water, hot tea, or drink warm water, the only way to feel health; even in the hot summer months, will choose to drink boiling water, that can sterilization, but also Regulate the balance of internal and external body can prevent heat stroke. June 1 last year, China introduced a "water dispenser energy efficiency rating and energy efficiency rating" the standard and implementation. In accordance with the new standards: He Zhong licensing drinking fountains energy efficiency rating is divided into three levels, including energy efficiency of a thermal insulation energy value for the highest level; energy efficiency rating is 2 energy-saving evaluation value; energy efficiency level 3 is the energy efficiency limit. This is not difficult to find, February 24, 2006 "successful certification center," the introduction of energy-saving evaluation of the value of drinking fountains: Hezhong brand water dispenser single hot water dispenser 0.75kW.h / 24h, only the new energy efficiency standards Of the 3 level only, and the new standard insulation energy consumption value from the original 0.75kW.h / 24h increased to 0.55kW.h / 24h. This means that the current sales of traditional bottled water on the market are almost non-standard drinking water dispensers, some experts predict: the future market, at least 20% of the products will not be able to reach the limit of energy efficiency was eliminated. The Shanghai Caili intelligent water dispenser insulation energy consumption value has been tested to 0.17kW.h / 24h, beyond the energy efficiency of a thermal insulation value of 0.20 kW. H / 24h.

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Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hangzhou Bay New Zone ,Bin Hai 5 Road No 88 ,Ningbo City, Zhejiang China

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