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School drinking water safety knowledge

Tap water: is the surface water (river water, reservoir water, etc.) by sedimentation, sand filtration, chlorine disinfection after the input water supply network. As the tap water from the water plant to go through a long water supply pipe before entering the site, if the water supply pipeline is not installed according to the hygiene requirements of drinking water delivery, then the tap water will inevitably be secondary pollution, it is not appropriate to drink tap water.

Water: boiled water is the most hygienic and safest drinking water. Note, however, that water should be boiled for at least 3-5 minutes to ensure that pathogens, viruses and parasites are killed, and that the water will boil down to reduce the chlorine, eliminating bleach odor and improving mouthfeel.

Bottled water and bottled water: this kind of water is hygienic and safe, depending on the quality of the product itself. Therefore, the choice of bottled water should be noted: to choose well-known manufacturers, trademarks, complete product; water should be clear and transparent, no turbidity sediment or floc floating debris, but can not have something like a bottle stopper.

Water dispenser inside the best cleaning once a week, so as to avoid bacterial contamination. The simplest way to clean the dispenser is to wipe it with 75% alcohol. The internal piping can be poured into the alcohol and then poured. The next time it is collected. The advantage of alcohol is enough to kill a variety of intestinal pathogens, and no chemical residues, and the concentration is also easier to grasp. Do not use the water dispenser for a long time be sure to drain the water, so keep it dry.

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