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Quality of life should start from healthy water

Water is so irreplaceable, but in fact, people of importance to the health of drinking water is far from enough. Regardless of the direct use of tap water to drink the family, even for the choice of drinking vats of pure water or mineral water for families, drinking water health is also a problem.

Under normal circumstances, bottled water is taken from tap water or groundwater, through modern industrial technology (reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, distillation, resin softening, etc.) processing, however, most bottled water business license is incomplete, Playing the "guerrilla" and "three noes" black factory. Its production of bottled water, microbial excessive, incomplete purification, and the use of low-quality raw materials buckets, non-disinfection and other issues after recycling.

In addition, bottled water from the purification into the family cycle is difficult to control, and the family usually takes a bucket of water a week, during which there will be a large number of bacterial growth and reproduction, and even produce carcinogenic nitrite. Nitrite into the body after a large number of easy to cause poisoning, so that the loss of blood oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, resulting in tissue hypoxia, skin cyanosis, headache, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, palpitation and other symptoms. Therefore, we remember, determined not to drink the water stored for too long!

Contact Us
Zhejiang Aidewo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hangzhou Bay New Zone ,Bin Hai 5 Road No 88 ,Ningbo City, Zhejiang China

Tel: +86-574-63590985


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